FAFSA, Part 2

Here are some other places to find answers to your FAFSA questions. 

by Anne Vaccaro Brady

In the last post, I offered insight on the important details you need to know about FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). During my research, I came across sites that provide more useful information. Check out the links below.

FAFSAHelpful Q & A The New York Times’ blog “The Choice” ran a five-part series on FAFSA,  with reader questions answered by Mark Kantrowitz, a financial aid expert who founded the website FinAid.org. Here are highlights of the types of questions he answered in each part:

In Part 1 he explains when to file in reference to when your student will be attending college.

Part 2 answers questions related to divorced families.

In Part 3 you can find information on how to report unemployment benefits as well as the effect on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) when more than one child will be attending college at the same time.

Pencil and calculatorPart 4 covers some questions about defining “assets” for the purpose of FAFSA, as well as how pension, 401k and IRA distributions and contributions are listed.

Finally, in Part 5, questions on categorizing 529 accounts and the CSS/Financial Aid Profile are answered, among others.

Answers via video Financial aid is also covered in this segment from the “Today” show featuring a college financial aid director and the editor of “The Choice” blog.

FAFSA can be funny In Michael Szarek’s blog “College Counseling for the Rest of Us” he shares this humorous post on FAFSA, which includes some useful info.

Please share any other websites or blogs you’ve found helpful in your search for financial aid in the comments section box below. 

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4 Responses to FAFSA, Part 2

  1. Anne,
    Great list. THANK YOU so much for mentioning my blog and “FAFSA La Vista, Baby”. I hope it provides a little guidance (and a chuckle) as families maneuver through the financial aid process.

  2. ksoneill says:

    Great list! Thank you!

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