Parents' Guide to the College Puzzle

Navigating the college admissions process and freshman year experience.


The parents of some of my clients share how I helped their teens, and them, through the college admissions process.

Anne Brady helped my daughter and son, twins, tremendously during the college application process. She was patient and clear when giving advice, and counselled them effectively on how to stand out from a sea of applicants while representing themselves in an authentic way in their essays and application submissions.

She made what could have been a very anxiety-ridden time for me and them feel very “do-able.” I highly recommend Anne, and also starting the discussions with her in late spring/early summer before the senior year begins, so the essays and college target lists can be in good shape before the busy school year begins.

Catherine Ostheimer

I was so relieved to find out about Anne’s services when I was searching for a way to help my son complete his college essay. The introductory phone call I made to Anne really put my mind at ease as she understood my situation as a parent and she listened to what our specific needs were. She also understood what students face and what college admissions officers look for. She is very hands on which means the responsibility I was feeling to make sure my son completed the essay was taken off my hands. She worked directly with my son via email (which was perfect for him to work on his own time) and she kept me updated via email about their progress. Anne had a very quick turnaround time and gave very specific, helpful notes on the essay. Her editing is top-notch, she is very professional and affordable, and works quickly. Anne’s assistance was invaluable to our family in the essay writing process and my son is going to his top-pick college this fall. Anne developed a nice relationship with my son and he said that he may need to use her services again when he is writing essays in his college classes. I recommend Anne to anyone looking for assistance with writing and editing in the college admissions process. 

Michele H.

I highly recommend the college prep services offered by Anne Brady. Anne is so easy to work with and makes the whole process so much easier to understand. ANY question you may have about the college application and preparation process will be answered. She has so much information to share! I used Anne for my son’s college essay review. She reviewed a pretty good essay, asked a bunch of questions on what he wanted to convey, and made suggestions that improved the final essay by 1000%. She’s professional and her turnaround is quick. I will definitely be using her for my youngest child as she prepares for college! 

Happy Mom!

Cathy Bovino

I would highly recommend Anne Brady to any parent going through the college process with their children. As a mom with work, family (including caring for an aging parent) and other obligations, I felt I had so little time to help my son with the college process effectively. The process nowadays seemed very daunting and very different from when I went through it myself.  Of course I wanted to help my son, but both he and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I was relieved and excited to find out about Anne’s services. She relieved a lot of the anxiety both my son and I were having about how to get everything done and doing it all correctly, timely and efficiently. Anne was very professional, helpful and affordable. My son’s initial college list was extensive and Anne helped him narrow down his school choices, helped him edit and refine his college essay and supplemental essays, worked with and guided him as to what he needed to get done, and gave him clear timelines. Anne made herself available through email, phone and in-person meetings with both of us.  

Since my son was applying to colleges as an audio engineer/music production major, he had additional requirements. He had to schedule auditions, create a performance resume, repertoire list and music production pieces. As he was Anne’s first student applying for this type of major, she learned this process with us. Anne did her research and was on top of this for us. She made sure my son was on track with what he needed to submit. Everything was outlined for each school with their additional requirements, the applicable deadlines, audition dates and any extra tasks he needed to complete.

Anne helped make my son’s life (and my life) easier and we can’t thank her enough. My son and I had a very positive experience and we could not have done all of this without having Anne on our side. And my son is receiving acceptances, which is very exciting. So Thank You, Anne for all the help!!

Lynn Shields

I highly recommend Anne Brady an invaluable guide and navigator for any student applying to college, as well as for parents. Anne takes the anxiety out of the process and makes it more of an opportunity to be self-reflective and celebrate who you are as a student, what you’ve accomplished, and what you have to offer. Anne is an expert in college admissions, as well as a talented coach and editor. When questions arose, it was such a relief to me to be able to offer my answer but then to also encourage my daughter to ask Anne since I am not an expert. 

As a parent, it is hard to see what is coming across in the application and what might inadvertently be left out because you know your child so well and fill in what is not written. Anne takes a holistic view of the application, reviewing not only the essays, but the activities, and asks insightful questions that help to ensure that the admissions officer will get a clear picture of the student. Anne also knows how to motivate students without adding unnecessary pressure and quickly turns around everything she receives so there are no delays when the student is ready to get to work. 

Anne’s discussion with my daughter explaining what colleges were hoping to learn about the student through the essay responses was incredibly helpful. My daughter was able to craft an excellent essay that truly reflects who she is as a person. Anne also helped my daughter describe her extracurricular activities in a way that highlights what matters about each and complements the essay. My daughter submitted her first applications in early October and received her first acceptance only two weeks later! Although she has excellent grades and test scores as well, I am convinced it was the strength of my daughter’s essay that made her stand out and resulted in such a quick decision.

Carrie B.

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