Parents' Guide to the College Puzzle

Navigating the college admissions process and freshman year experience.


Anne Vaccaro Brady, Founder

Anne V Brady
Photo credit: Carrie Brady Photography

When my two children were getting ready to apply to college, I quickly figured out I’d need to use my journalistic skills to understand how the process worked. I asked questions of experienced parents, researched and read everything I could find on college admissions and picked the brain of the admissions director at the college where I worked to get the view from the other side.

After sharing my newfound knowledge with other parents starting this journey, I realized that providing all of this information in a larger, more public forum could serve as a valuable resource for families. In 2011, I created Parents’ Guide to the College Puzzle.

My goal is to provide answers before you know you have a question. Through my well-researched posts on all the pertinent topics, I hope to help you avoid much of the unnecessary stress I experienced. A professional journalist, I’ve worked as an editor and writer for national magazines, community newspapers and a college public relations department.

Soon after I started the blog, I was asked to edit college admissions essays for a couple of students, my first client several states away. Later, a few also asked for assistance with preparing to apply. Until recently, I provided college admissions and essay coaching services, in addition to writing about these topics.

Please explore the website to learn more about college admissions and the freshman year experience. Share your thoughts and advice for other parents in the comments section of the posts.

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Contact me via email at avbrady(at)

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