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College News for the Last Lazy Days of Summer

Advice and information for parents of college freshmen and high school students.  By Anne Vaccaro Brady For some parents it’s the first glance at a tuition bill when it suddenly registers that their child is going off to college soon. … Continue reading

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When a Four-Year College Isn’t the Right Option

More education should be. Here are the alternatives. By Anne Vaccaro Brady A recent report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York points out that acquiring a college degree, whether a two- or four-year, increases lifetime earnings compared … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Transferring College Credits

Each school has its own criteria, meaning not all credits are viewed equally. By Anne Vaccaro Brady I recently spoke with a mom whose daughter was finishing up her associate’s degree at a community college and getting ready to transfer … Continue reading

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When Your Son or Daughter is Rejected by Every College

This happens more than you think, but here’s how to handle the disappointment and devise Plan B. By Anne Vaccaro Brady Note: This information has been updated for 2018. Admissions officers say that a college rejection is not personal. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Transferring Colleges

Here are the details on how it works and issues you may have to address. by Anne Vaccaro Brady Now that you and your student have agreed that transferring colleges is the right move (see my previous post on reasons to … Continue reading

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More Ways to Refine the College List

Some other considerations as you help your student finalize the list. by Anne Vaccaro Brady As I said in the last post, with application season around the corner, it’s time to make some choices. Take into account the additional factors below to help … Continue reading

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After the College Decision, Second Thoughts

Here’s what your high school senior may be feeling now that they’ve picked a college. by Anne Vaccaro Brady The deposit is in, the housing questionnaire filled out, orientation scheduled and now your teen may be wondering if they chose the right college. Don’t worry, … Continue reading

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