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SAT & ACT Anxiety is Upon Us

When scores start rolling in, high school juniors and seniors either smile or sweat. By Anne Vaccaro Brady If your high school student has recently received their SAT or ACT scores, your family is reviewing those scores and taking another … Continue reading

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Getting Organized for the College Application Process

Here’s how to help your high school senior prepare to apply to college.  by Anne Vaccaro Brady Filling out 8-10 college applications can seem daunting to an adult, let alone a high school senior. By developing a system to complete … Continue reading

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Meet with your Senior’s Guidance Counselor Early

Sit down with your student and their counselor soon after classes begin. by Anne Vaccaro Brady Give your teen’s guidance counselor a couple of weeks to work through class scheduling issues with other students and then make an appointment. This applies … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on SAT and ACT Test Prep

When to start prepping and what results to expect. by Anne Vaccaro Brady In my last post, I discussed the importance of prepping for the SAT and ACT tests and the different ways to study for them. This post looks … Continue reading

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Why You Have to Care about the SAT and the ACT

The tests are still a key factor in admissions at many colleges. by Anne Vaccaro Brady Simply hearing the three letters said together, S-A-T, makes parents and teenagers tremble. I wish I could say everyone’s overreacting, but unfortunately the SAT and its … Continue reading

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