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Preparing Your Freshman for Life with a Roommate

The challenges of living with a stranger. By Anne Vaccaro Brady A friend emailed me the other day worried about the fact that her soon-to-be college freshman appears to have nothing in common with the girl who will be her … Continue reading

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Understanding the Ins and Outs of Off-Campus Housing

At many colleges, students need to begin planning in the fall for the big move. By Anne Vaccaro Brady Both of my kids lived off-campus in college, the oldest starting in her sophomore year and her brother in his junior … Continue reading

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The Essentials of a College Care Package

What to send, how often and why personal touches make a difference.  By Anne Vaccaro Brady I asked some college kids, recent grads and a couple of college parents for their advice on what makes a good care package. What … Continue reading

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College News for a Stress-free Summer

Okay, I can’t guarantee there will be no stress, but this info will help ease the tension. By Anne Vaccaro Brady Whether you’re the parent of a high school student or a recent graduate, there’s plenty of college-related planning required … Continue reading

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The Appeal of Off-Campus Housing

Is your freshman talking about wanting to live anywhere but in a dorm next year? By Anne Vaccaro Brady In a previous post, I wrote about housing options for sophomore year. But if your freshman is already bugging you about … Continue reading

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Be Thankful You’re the Parent of a College Student

You don’t have to be grateful for the tuition bill, but you should be for everything else. By Anne Vaccaro Brady As the mom of a recent college grad and a current college junior, I’ve learned about all the wonderful … Continue reading

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Survival Guide for Parents of College Freshmen

Here’s how to handle all the changes going on at home and away. By Anne Vaccaro Brady I’ve written in previous posts about some of the issues that develop during freshman year of college. To help you find the answers … Continue reading

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