Okay, I can’t guarantee there will be no stress, but this info will help ease the tension.

Whether you’re the parent of a high school student or a recent graduate, there’s plenty of college-related planning required this summer. Click on the  links below for advice on how to approach issues not addressed in my previous post.


Getting to know the roommate Some kids scour Facebook in search of their freshman year roommate, others answer the simple questionnaire from their college and leave it up to the mystery expert in the housing office to find a good fit. Whichever way your child chooses to go, they’ll soon receive the name of their roommate and will want to start getting to know this person they’ll be living with 24/7. Elizabeth Hoyt’s article on Fastweb on what to ask your future roommate covers the pertinent topics, including what are your pet peeves and do you have any allergies?

Still looking for a college? If your student suddenly changes their mind about the college they selected, or decides that they do want to go to college after all, there are options beyond community college (though this is a good choice). Here’s how to help them stay or get in the college admissions game.

Anytime is SAT and ACT test prep time Well not really. But Fastweb does a good job of pointing out how rising seniors can prep for the tests even while they’re at the beach. Elizabeth Hoyt highlights what skills students need to gain over the summer and important resources beyond a test prep book.

Where that college major will get you Before you dismiss your son or daughter’s choice of a major, learn where college graduates with various majors eventually end up careerwise by reading this article, with charts, on Vox by Libby Nelson.

Your role now that the college decision is made Lisa Heffernan of Grown & Flown has an excellent post on all the things Mom and Dad should be doing as freshman year of college approaches, including booking a hotel for Parents’ Weekend.

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