The latest on college readiness, college costs and more. 

homework3College readiness If you’re concerned that your teen isn’t ready academically for college, learn about new options in college prep in the article by Associated Press reporter Leanne Italie on HuffPost Education.

College admissions and social media We’ve all heard the rumors about colleges checking out applicants on social media. Read Mary Beth Markelein’s article for USA Today to find out if they’re true. It might be time to friend request your teen.

College planning As many of you know, I tend to think college planning can never start too early. In another article by Leanne Italie of the AP, she lays out a good four-year college planning guide for your high school student. Broken down by year, the guide serves teenagers of all ages, and their parents.

Paying for college Wondering how your student can afford to pay for college? In her “Personal Business” column, Emily Glazer of the Wall Street Journal explains where to find scholarships and why your student should “think small.”

The cost of leaving your state for college  In an article for the New York Times, Tamar Lewin explains why public universities are looking beyond their borders for students. The general reasoning is that public colleges want out-of-state students who’ll pay a higher tuition than the in-state kids.

Though this can be the case, based on my experience, I wouldn’t dismiss out-of-state colleges. Both of my kids attend a public university where they received merit-based scholarships, giving them the in-state tuition rate. They received similar offers from other out-of-state schools.

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