More College Admissions in the News

Let’s start off the New Year with a look at some informative articles you may have missed.

by Anne Vaccaro Brady


Former college admissions officer Robert Clagett writes about the gap year in his post on  the New York Times’ “The Choice” blog.  Make sure to read the responses and the follow-up post for an interesting discussion on this topic.

If you’re wondering about the latest trend in college essays, Bonnie Miller Rubin of the Chicago Tribune gives a glimpse into the kinds of “quirky” questions colleges are asking on their latest applications. 

In her article for the Associated Press, Jesse Washington explains why some students are leaving the box for race blank on their college applications.

The USA Today College blog has these three interesting posts that are worth checking out:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASamuel Levine, a student at the University of Chicago, explores the idea of  whether there really is a “perfect” college for a student.

Jessica Hanley of writes about when a college major should factor into the decision about which college to attend.

Shannon Dauphin, also of, covers some college essay blunders that must be avoided.

Share recent articles and posts you’ve found helpful in the comments section below. 

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