News on College Admissions and More

Updates on student loan rates, determine the real cost of college and more.

by Anne Vaccaro Brady

Whether your student is a high school underclassman, a graduating senior or a college freshman, read on for college news that affects your family.

file000453200083-2Student loan rates will double this summer Unless Congress acts, student loans issued by the government will soon carry a 6.8 percent rate, up from the current 3.4. Read this article by AP Education Writer Kimberly Hefling to understand how the change will impact your student. Check out more info on the shifting loan rates on

Determining what college will cost Rachel Louise Ensign of the Wall Street Journal writes about how to figure out the real cost of attending college.

What high school seniors should be doing now  High school counselor Emmi Harward shares the few items still left on the to-do list on the New York Times’ college admissions blog “The Choice.”

What high school juniors should be doing now The NYT’s “The Choice” also has a post from Erin K. Johnston, another high school counselor, with some very sound and helpful advice for your soon-to-be senior.

Security changes for the SAT and ACT Jenny Anderson of the New York Times explains the upcoming tighter security measures for college entrance exams after the recent cheating scandals.  The changes go into effect this fall.

Perspective on the college search Michael Szarek shares his sometimes humorous, but always helpful thoughts on the college search in a post on his blog, “College Counseling for the Rest of Us.”

Please share  articles or posts on college admissions that you’ve found helpful in the comments below.

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