A Roundup of College Admissions News

Here are some posts and articles on college admissions you might find helpful. 

by Anne Vaccaro Brady 

Expert advice for incoming freshmen In a post on the New York Times’ “The Choice” blog, Professors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman, authors of “The Secrets of College Success,” point out a few things graduating seniors need to know about college.

PA281187More college admissions questions answered The Hour Online has an interview with Dr. Katherine Cohen, founder and CEO of IvyWise, an admissions consulting company, who talks about when to apply to college, prepping for the SAT and ACT, how to choose colleges and more.

Tips for writing the college essay Summer is the time for your rising senior to start working on the admissions essay. Georgea Kovanis of the Detroit Free Press shares advice from students, college consultants and admissions directors on what makes for a memorable one.

Dorm essentials Brianna Coviello covers a few dorm must-haves in a post on Dormify.

Senioritis has consequences Tanya Caldwell writes in a post on the New York Times’ “The Choice” blog about why some colleges are rescinding admissions offers.

Softball player rounding second base after a hit.Getting the attention of college coaches Cristiana Quinn of GoLocalWorcester.com discusses how student athletes can make the most of the summer sports season to get noticed by the right college coaches.

College admissions officers speak out Joanne Wallentstein of Scarsdale10583.com shares some noteworthy comments from college admissions officers  participating in a panel discussion at a public high school.

Share your thoughts, as well as links to any other articles or posts you’ve found helpful, in the comments section below.

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