All the items you’ll need to help your freshman get started on a successful first year.



I’ve written about how to help your new college student pack for their first year on campus. Because of the positive feedback I received from parents for that series, I’ve consolidated the links to all three posts below for those of you who are now the parents of college freshmen, or have family and friends who can also use the advice.

Experienced parents, you might want to reread the posts to remind you what goes back to campus and what can stay home this time.

Keep in mind that you can go shopping near campus once your freshman has moved in, and most families do. But before you leave home, check store locators online to find out whether your favorites are in the area.

Here are the links:

The often forgotten This post covers the items my family and I found should, but don’t always make it into the car, such as a fan, hangers and 3M Command Hooks.

What other parents put on the list In this post, you’ll find the top suggestions from experienced parents. Have you thought about an umbrella and a flashlight with extra batteries?

The must-haves from current students and recent grads I surveyed students for this post, which features the essentials college kids would take with them again, like a reusable water bottle and an air freshener.

You will forget something, and I guarantee a few items will be sold out at the local discount department store when you’re looking for them. But that’s what care packages are for, right?

Good luck with your packing!

Please be sure to share your key items in the comments sections below.