Advice on surviving Winter Break, paying for college, facing a deferment and more.

More advice on surviving the college Winter Break You’re not alone. Jan Hoffman explores the issues families face during that first long break of freshman year in this article for the New York Times. Also check out my post on having a good holiday break with your college student for Grok Nation.

Share that college essay The New York Times is looking for college application essays written about money and finances. If your teen addressed this topic in their essay, they should consider submitting it.

Dealing with a college deferment Lynn O’Shaughnessy shares what actions your high school senior can take if they’ve been deferred in this post on her blog, The College Solution.


Finding help paying for college This post by Maura Kastberg on HuffPost College explains what you need to focus on when applying for financial aid.

Private college scholarships sound like a great solution to your tuition woes, but they may not offer as much as you think, explains Lynn O’Shaughnessy of The College Solution.

Your student’s financial aid package may include a work-study option. Andrea Coombes writes in the Wall Street Journal about the pros and cons of the work-study job.

OSU building 2Weighing college acceptances The same criteria that helped your senior decide where they wanted to apply can be used to determine which college admissions offer to accept. Emily Herzlin of Admissianado writes on USA Today  about four basic factors to take into account when figuring out which college is right for you.

When your freshman’s first semester was less than expected Over the Winter Break your student may want to talk to you about transferring. Read this post by Rebecca Joseph on HuffPost College to help your teen weigh their options, including understanding the transfer process.

Also check out my posts on how to determine if your student should transfer and how to transfer.

Advice for high school seniors Even if your senior has finished all of their applications, there are still some things they need to focus on in January. “The Choice” blog provides a checklist for seniors from high school college counselors Sarah Markhovsky and Matthew Kaberline.

Advice for juniors The New Year is a good time to start doing the initial groundwork for the college admissions process. College counselor Jessie Brumfiel presents this checklist for high school juniors for January on “The Choice” blog.

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