College News You Can Use

The latest on finding tuition money, getting arrested in college and more. 

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

Paying for college While your student compares the social scenes at the colleges he’s been accepted to, you’re worrying about whether your family can afford any of these schools. Check out this article by Emily Glazer of the Wall Street Journal for a primer on how to find the money to pay that college tuition bill.

Jon Fortenbury of shares advice from college financial-aid professionals on finding and landing scholarships in his post on USA Today College.

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Why what happens at college doesn’t always stay at college Desiree Stennett of the Orlando Sentinel writes about how getting arrested at college, for even minor infractions like underage drinking, can impact your student’s chances of nailing a job after graduation. At my daughter’s college orientation, one mother stood up and informed us that in some states people who are arrested for urinating in public are classified as sex offenders. Learn why it’s important to remind your teens about the consequences of their behavior.

February planner for high school seniors High school college counselor Meghan Ryan recommends five actions seniors should take in February in this post on the New York Times’ “The Choice” blog.

February planner for high school juniors Also on “The Choice,” high school college counselor Mindy H. Rose gives juniors a February list of tasks to complete for their college search.

Making the most of a college tour Who better to offer advice than a college tour guide. College student Hannah Sedgwick does just that in this post on USA Today College in which she shares some very good suggestions for making the most of a campus visit.


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Preparing for the SAT College entrance exam season is only a few months away. Shaan Patel, who earned a perfect score on his exam, gives five study strategies that can lead to success on the SAT in this post on “The Choice” blog.

Feel free to share links to articles and posts you’ve found helpful in the comments section below. 

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