Tips on picking a college, checklists for juniors and seniors, college tour tips and more.

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March can be a stressful month for families of high school seniors with the acceptances and rejections piling up but still no word from their top choice school. Plus accepted students tours need to be scheduled and financial aid packages must be compared.

For parents of high school juniors, SAT and ACT test prep programs are underway, some campus visits might be planned and your teen is complaining that all you want to talk about is college.

To help all of you through, here are answers to some of your questions and other useful information.

Advising your high school senior Start with this March college checklist for seniors by guidance counselor Christine L. Pluta on the New York Times’ “The Choice” blog.

As a family, read this post about what NOT to consider when choosing a college by Lia Lenart on USA Today.

USA Today education reporter Mary Beth Marklein discusses whether a high school GPA is a key factor in college admissions. The answer? Read the article to find out.

Getting the most out of a college visit Brian C. Rosenberg, a dad and college president, offers his tips for what to do when taking a tour of campus in this post on “The Choice.”

Helping your high school junior Guidance counselor Heather Keddie provides a checklist for March for juniors on “The Choice.”

The always insightful Grown & Flown blog offers advice for getting your teenager through the 11th grade.

Grown & Flown also presents this very useful list of ten questions adults should NOT ask a high school junior. I admit to having raised one or two of these questions with an 11th grader, but that’s been to offer some advice and encouragement, never to put a kid on the spot. But now I know better.

Changes to the SAT The famed test is getting another overhaul. The last one occurred in 2005. Read Scott Jaschik’s article on Inside Higher Ed to learn the reasons why the SAT is getting a redesign and when.

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