Advice for both graduating and rising seniors.

hs gradJune college checklist for graduating seniors Nikki Magaziner Mills offers up solid advice on what incoming college freshman need to do in the next few months, including making time to smell the flowers, in this post on the New York Times’ “The Choice” blog.

Orientation tips from those who know On USA Today, Melanie Kruvelis dispenses advice from orientation leaders on making the most of that mandatory summer visit to campus.

Credit unions as a source for student loans Regular readers of this blog know that I discourage using student loans to pay for college unless absolutely necessary. But if your teen must borrow to attend, consider a lender that isn’t the government or a bank. Ruth Simon writes in the Wall Street Journal that more credit unions now offer student loans and with some of the lowest rates around.

Washington’s options on student loan rates In their Mother Jones article, Erica Eichelberger, Maggie Severus and Brett Brownell analyze the various proposals to head off the impending doubling of student rates on July 1.

Princeton_University_AlexanderWho took Princeton up on their admissions offer? Wondering how many accepted students followed through and put a deposit down on some of the “selective” colleges? This post by Tanya Abrams on “The Choice” reveals the admissions yield percentage for colleges, both large and small, public and private.

The real deal on college admissions officers and your social media presence Kat Cohen writes on the Huffington Post’s “The Blog” about the increasing number of college admissions officers who check out applicants on social media. She offers tips on making the most of your online presence in case a college rep is looking for you.

The truth behind admissions rates I’ve written about the inflated selectivity rates of many colleges. Sandra Moore covers the subject further in this post on what’s really behind the low college acceptance rates in her “College Aid” blog for the Poughkeepsie Journal.

June college checklist for high school juniors Kristen Learner and Jeffrey Wong share tips on finishing up junior year strong and taking advantage of summer to be ready for college applications in the fall in this post on “The Choice.”

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