College Admissions News for Applicants, Transfers and Their Parents

Check out these informative articles that you might have missed.

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

With college application season here, advice and tips abound for students and their families. I’ve pulled together some of these helpful posts and articles on applying to college, as well as news on transferring and commuting.

Filling out the Common App Robin Mamlet and Christine VanDeVelde at College Admission have created a terrific, free, step-by-step guide for completing the Common App, which you can download here. They even explain why specific questions are being asked. This guide is essential for anyone just getting started or who’s underway but unable to finish.

If your son or daughter is feeling overwhelmed by the idea of tackling their applications, read my article for USA Today College on how to complete those applications by Thanksgiving. The goal can be later than Thanksgiving, but take my advice on prepping first to make the process run smoother and quicker.

College admissions and social media After reading this New York Times article by Natasha Singer about the online research colleges are doing on their applicants, you might strongly suggest your high school student cleans up their social media presence.

But not so fast.  Jeannine Lalonde, on her University of Virginia Admissions blog, “Notes from Peabody,” offers insight on why colleges really don’t spend their time checking out every applicant’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Then read her follow-up post on when they might search the Internet during the application process.

Rejection-proofing the application Okay, there’s no way to guarantee an acceptance, but there are ways to avoid getting knocked out of the applicant pool immediately. Cristiana Quinn shares the four things to do to prevent your application from being dismissed on the spot in her article on

Using a wide lens when picking a major In the Wall Street Journal, Peter Cappelli, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, discusses why picking a major too narrowly focused on a specific career path can backfire, even in fields that seem full of possibilities now. College graduates need to enter the workforce with a skill set that makes them marketable to several types of employers and provides career options.

On the other hand, some parents worry that their son or daughter is picking a major too broad to fulfill any career goals. Check out my recent post on 10 of these majors and the jobs available to grads with these degrees.

Taking a closer look at commuting More is written about the advantages of going away to college than staying home for school, including on my blog. Now Jennifer Retter, a college student at Arcadia University, shares many of the plusses of commuting to college in this article on USA Today College.

Picking between a public or private college While private colleges generally have lower sticker prices than public ones, Niraj Chokshi, of the Washington Post, addresses the fact that costs are rising faster at public colleges than private ones, and what that means for students.

Fallen Leaves

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Determining the best time to transfer Your college freshman may already be talking about changing colleges. First, read my post on how to know if it’s time to transfer and then this one on how to start the transfer process.

Next, take a look at what Jon Fortenbury has to say on USA Today College about how to decide whether to transfer for the fall or spring semester.

Share your thoughts and links to helpful articles you’ve found in the comments section below. 

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