News on College Admissions and Freshman Year

Checklists for seniors and juniors, application mistakes to avoid and more. 

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

Finding the best colleges for students with learning disabilities On her blog, the College Solution, Lynn O’Shaughnessy writes about how to begin searching for colleges most suitable for your student’s needs. Make sure to read the comments as well, where parents offer suggestions on colleges and more advice.

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She follows up in the next post with important questions you should ask the Disability Services Office.

Fall checklist for high school students The New York Times’ “The Choice” blog offers two posts from high school college counselors that cover what upperclassmen should be doing in September regarding college admissions. Webster T. Trenchard provides a checklist for seniors. Jody Sanford Sweeney addresses the issues for juniors.

Helping your college freshman handle money Share this article from Teen Vogue by Sierra Tishgart with your new college student, yes even your son. She provides sound money advice for first year students.

Some majors need to be chosen from day one Learn the five majors best selected when a student applies to college according to Cristiana Quinn, the college admissions expert for Though students can and do change their minds, she explains why these five can extend a college career if declared later.

Mistakes students often make on college applications In her post on USA Today College, Miranda Forman discusses the three things not to do when filling out college applications.

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz writes on HuffPost College about how to avoid the four most common college app mistakes.

By sharing these two posts  with your senior, you can dramatically reduce the stress level in your home during the next few months.


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How college roommates are selected USA Today higher education reporter Mary Beth Marklein writes about the various methods used by colleges and students to select freshman roommates. Which method do you think works best?

Maintaining a healthy communication level with your college student Read this article by Kim Eaton of the Tuscaloosa News for some insight into how your relationship with your freshman is about to change. Change can be good. Honest.

Making the most of a college visit I’ve written about what to expect on a college tour and campus visit, but here’s a refresher from Lia Lenart on USA Today College, who presents a simple five-item to-do list while visiting a college campus.

Share any articles and posts you’ve found helpful during the college admissions process in the comments section below. 

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2 Responses to News on College Admissions and Freshman Year

  1. D.Post says:

    I really like the “Helping your college freshman handle their money” article, except for one thing. As a college student I don’t really agree with getting a credit card. Yes it helps establish credit, but it could also be setting oneself up unnecessarily. For many, college is the first time students are managing their money on their own. Getting a credit card,even just for emergencies, is like saying “don’t kill anyone, but here is a machine gun… just in case.”

    • You make a good point, D. Post. We gave our kids a credit card on one of our accounts to be used for emergencies and pre-approved expenses, like textbooks. Otherwise they must pay us back for their purchases, and we stick to that rather strictly.

      Our daughter’s college account came with a credit card she refuses to use. Instead, both of our kids prefer to use their debit cards.

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