All the College Application Info You Need

I’ve consolidated all my advice on applying to college into this one post. 

By Anne Vaccaro Brady

I’ve written several posts on filling out college applications, everything from how to make the final list of colleges to what info your senior needs to start the process to how to create a schedule for completing those apps.

In order to save you a little time, I’ve included all the links to these posts below. Please continue to explore the rest of the blog, but in the meantime, bookmark this page so you can return to it easily during the college application process. And good luck.


Finalizing the college list Your teen can’t begin applying until he decides where he wants to apply. Check out this post to learn how many schools to select and the best way to categorize them. The second post on this topic discusses which factors to consider when refining the list.

Advice on the college essay A college admissions director wrote this post about what admissions officers are looking for in the personal essay. Take a look if your student is still finishing up hers.

Dealing with the reluctant applicant If you can’t get your senior to do more than tell you what colleges he’s “thinking” of applying to, read my advice on motivating the unwilling teenager. There might be more going on than you realize.

Some kids can’t pick a major Don’t freak if teen doesn’t know what she wants to study in college. This post should help you understand why your senior thinks she can’t decide on a major now. The second post discusses how to make the most of the choice not to choose; yes, there are positives.

Preparing to fill out college applications The process won’t be that bad if your student is organized. Read this post on setting deadlines and the important dates to note. In part two, look at a sample application schedule.

Final tips on surviving the college application process This post includes details on what materials your senior needs to get started and how you can help make the process run smoother.

There you go. All the critical info in one place. Hope this helps.

Share any additional advice you have on the college application process in the comments section below.

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